Back to work


After four years on App Engine, I took a sabbatical and relaxed for the last couple months. I didn’t go on an extended trip or do anything big, but I did spend lots of time with friends and family, worked on a few side projects and other fun things, and generally forgot about work and made the most of the time off.

All good things must come to an end, though, so I finally went back to work on Monday and started on a new project. It’s early still, and I have a lot of domain knowledge to ramp up on, but my new team is great, and I’m already hacking on some really cool stuff. I’m excited!

google headquarters sign

Sadly, I’ve never quite managed to keep home and work in sync, and this is no exception. I’ll be commuting yet again, from SF to Mountain View. Still, I can’t complain too much, all things considered.

Wish me luck with the new gig!


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