Bridgy stats update

It’s that time of year again…Bridgy stats update! Top line numbers: 6471 accounts, 28M silo responses, 4.7M links, 2.3M webmentions sent, 99k posts published, 102k blog posts processed, 16k blog webmentions received.

Trends and growth are mostly stable since last year. One noticeable exception was a sharp uptick in publish attempts that made me split out successes vs failures. After that, it wasn’t too hard to find the culprit. 😎

One bit of good news is that costs are down materially, thanks to some work I did to trim down the datastore. Otherwise, growth continues apace, up and to the right.

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8 thoughts on “Bridgy stats update

  1. Nice to see I’m still a very high publisher 🫣I know my retries were broken for quite some time so that wasn’t ideal, but I wonder why GitHub is so high, as I barely publish to it.Maybe because it allows updates to the syndicated text?

  2. Oh sorry, to be clear, the “culprit” was RobbiNespu, not you! Your GitHub publish attempts were spiky a while back, but not any more. And this is all totally fine anyway, not at all a problem, I was just curious about the noticeable change in the rate of failed publishes in Nov 2021, wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug in my own stats.


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