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Well, well, well, what do we have here. It’s this year’s Bridgy stats update, and it’s one of the most eventful in a long time. Notice anything new?

That’s right, there’s a huge ass cliff a couple months ago. Let’s see that a bit closer….

If you guessed that cliff was Twitter, ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner. The Twitter API apocalypse came and went, and they still haven’t managed to found the off button itself – some smaller apps like granary are still up and running just fine – but they manually suspended Bridgy and most other nontrivial apps.

Twitter accounted for a majority of both Bridgy accounts, 4k of the 10k total as of April 2023, and backfeed and publish volume, which you can see in the plateaus in sent webmentions and successful publishes over the last couple months.

The other striking trend is the marked uptick in Mastodon account growth since Elon took over back in November. It’s more than doubled in the last 6 months, from 557 on Nov. 1 to 1125 yesterday! Exodus indeed.

In Bridgy land, the Twitter implosion and Mastodon growth has spurred more development on granary and especially Bridgy Fed, its decentralized/federated cousin, than on Bridgy itself. Expect that to continue for the foreseeable future.

As for the rest of the numbers: 6278 accounts (after subtracting Twitter), 32M silo responses, 5.3M links, 2.5M webmentions sent, 125K posts published, 138K blog posts processed, 18K blog webmentions received. Apart from Twitter and Mastodon, trends and growth and costs are largely stable since last year. The uptick in the “other” (ie not Bridgy) yellow line is largely due to Bridgy Fed growth.

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11 thoughts on “Bridgy stats update

  1. Thank you for running Bridgy, Ryan.I was wondering if the recent updates changed how custom usernames work? My Fed account is configured at @customname@domain instead of @domain@domain and my Feeds disappeared recently. I can post and receive Bridgy Fed webmentions without problems but it seems the feeds were moved somewhere else?

  2. What are the latest updates in Bridgy’s statistical data?

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